Katy Cashen

Running for re-election to Claverack Town Board.  Vote November 5th!

About Me

I'm running for re-election to the Claverack Town Board because I believe there is a lot more for me to accomplish that will positively impact town residents and businesses. The experience and knowledge I have gained over the past eight years is critical to getting things done and I would like to continue to serve the town to complete several important projects, and to begin work on exciting new initiatives. 

As the second longest-serving board member, I have a proven track record of getting things done by working together with my fellow board members, and by rolling up my sleeves to do the hard work on all aspects of the town’s services and finances. 

I first ran on a promise of hard, honest work, I believe I have held to that promise and hope that you’ll campaign with me, and vote for me on November 5th so that I can continue to work on your behalf.  

I was raised here in Claverack on our family farm. After graduating from the local public high school, I went off to college and, upon graduation, I got a job working for the State of New York and then took a promotion for a job in Washington, DC. That work experience in Albany and Washington, DC, gave me firsthand experience in how our state and federal government operated and it helped me understand how I could have an impact on the political process as well as how important the public sector is to our everyday lives. 

Upon returning home to Claverack nearly 20 years ago, I started my own business, working with several organizations that I had collaborated with from my previous jobs. This employment choice also gave me the opportunity to re-connect with my large family and help out on our family’s growing vegetable farm. It also allowed me to become involved in our local government as I started going to town meetings and volunteering for several organizations in our area. That is when I began to realize that I could put all of my years of schooling and work to practice by running for office and making a difference in our town.

My work schedule allows me the time and flexibility to serve on the Claverack Town Board and spend the time necessary for work and meetings with constituents and other officials that take place during the week and on weekends. I have made it a point in my years on the Town Board to work with all of my colleagues on behalf of all residents and I promise I will continue to do that. 


Some of the key issues that I pledge to work on over the next four years include: 

· Focusing on making our hamlet more pedestrian-friendly and safe.

· Encouraging and assisting small businesses to succeed—this includes continuing to work on affordable broadband access for the entire town.

· Keeping our taxes in check and maintaining our town’s excellent financial situation.

· Improving our town facilities—including our parks, courts and town hall.

· Updating our comprehensive plan and zoning code to better reflect current and future growth in our town.

· Strengthening the partnership between the village of Philmont and Claverack.

· Encouraging the renewed interest in agriculture and farming and related value-added agriculture businesses in our town.

Most importantly, I want to hear from residents and business owners on what matters most to you and how the town can better serve you.

I appreciate your time and encourage you to contact me with any questions or issues that you believe the Town should be addressing. Thank you for the honor of serving the Town as a Board Member and I ask for your vote to continue in this role.


Contributions may be mailed to:​

​Working Together for Claverack

303 Roxbury Road

Hudson, NY 12534



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